Awkward Kid Makes Art.

This is just a blog where I post my art and art that inspires me. I'll let you know which is which. I'm a Sixteen year old about to enter Senior year. I've never taken an art class and you can probably tell. I plan on taking an art class this year to better my skills. I hope to pursue illustration and go to SCAD. Well feel free to provide positive feedback. I also work with Photoshop and do Photo editing. I suck at keeping up with requests, but feel free to send them c:. I can use some challenges so I can broaden my scope. Feel free to ask for a Photo Edit as well. C:
Half of the time my best creations were by accident so I can't really provide tutorials on how I did certain stuff. If you want an Art pen pal feel free to send a request. If you don't want a request feel free to talk or send questions my way ^_^.
Welcome to Awkward Kids may I take your order?